Disease: Tuberculosis
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What is tuberculosis?












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Tuberculosis is a disease which damages many parts of your body especially your lungs. Thanks to the advances in medicine, it can be prevented today. It is popularly known as 'T.B.' for short. .

Here we have some pictures which tell us more about T.B.

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This is a picture of German prisoners who were kept away from everybody else because they had T.B. This is a poster used years ago. Click on it to see what it says. This picture shows how people feared T.B.


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T.B. is caused by germs.

It spreads when people who have active untreated T.B. germs in their lungs or throat cough, sneeze or speak, and send their germs into the air. People who breathe these germs into their lungs can become infected.

People who breathe in T.B. germs usually have had very close, day-to-day, contact with someone who has the disease. That's why most people get T.B. germs from someone they spend a lot of time with, like a family member, friend or close co-worker.

You're not likely to get T.B. from someone coughing . It is not spread by dishes, drinking glasses, sheets or clothing.


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Effects Of Tuberculosis

T.B. can attack any part of the body, but the lungs are the most common target. People with tuberculosis disease may have some or all of the following symptoms:

There was no cure for T.B. long ago, so they were isolated from everyone else and died.



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We are so so lucky that Tuberculosis can be treated to-day. I don't think it is a nice thing to get. Do you?

A vaccine called BCG (Bacille Calmette-Guerin) exists which prevents Tuberculosis. BCG has contributed to the dramatic decline in T.B. over the past 40 years. In Ireland we can get this when we are a baby or when we are in 5th or 6th class . The BCG vaccination is offered to all those who show a negative result in the test for immunity. Mild side effects can include: accumulation of pus; peeling or scaling of the skin; sores at place of injection; sores at different sites of the skin; swollen lymph glands.

Interesting fact = Imagine in the 1980s (24 years ago) 3 million people died from T.B.

Many people in the Third World still die from T.B. because they can not get enough proper medicine

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