Host Nations

Since the modern Olympic Games began in 1896, there have been 26 Summer Olympic Games held in 22 separate cities. The host city is always selectd 7 years before the Games take place. It is very difficult to get picked to host the Games because so many cities want the job. The Olympic Committee looks at all the cities interested and picks the best one.

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World Map

The countries that are green have hosted the Olympic Games once and those in blue have hosted the Games more than once.

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Tokyo 1964 Sydney 2000 Melbourne 1956 Seoul 1988 Beijing 2008 Athens 1896, 2004 Rome 1960 Berlin 1936 Munich 1972 Moscow 1980 Helsinki 1952 Stockholm 1952 Amsterdam 1928 Antwerp 1920 Barcelona 1992 Paris 1990, 1924 London 1908, 1948, 2012 Montreal 1976 Atlanta 1996 St Louis 1904 Mexico 1968 Los Angeles 1932, 1984 Rio de Janeiro