Classroom Management Tools


Name Pickers
  Name Pick Ninja
  Name Picker Wall (at Online Stopwatch)
  Random Name Picker (at
      - Random Name Picker (at with saved list
  Random Name Picker (at Flippity)
  Random Name Picker Wheel (at
  Spinner Wheel (with Multiple Wheel Functionality)
  Wheel Decide
  Wheel of Names

Team and Group Makers
  Group Maker (Sign Up Required)
  Instant Classroom (Sign Up Required)
  Random Group Generator (at Class Tools)
  Random Name Picker (at Flippity)
  Team Maker (Divide Class into Teams)

Classroom Layout Tools
  Instant Classroom (Sign Up Required)
  Seating Plan Generator (at

Dice / Coin Flip
  Dice Roller! (at
  Dice Roller (at
  Just Flip A Coin
  Random Spinners
  Roll Dice (1,2 or 3 dice)
  Roll Dice (at
  Spinner (at Toy Theater)

Random Number Generators
  Number Picker - 1 to 10 (at
  Random Number Generator (at Room Recess)
  Random Number Generator (at
  Random Numbers Generator (at Online Number Tools)

Visual Instruction Creators
  Visual Supports Maker (at Connectability)

  Alarm Clock (at
  Christmas Countdown
  Classroom Timer (at Toy Theater)
  Classroom Timer (at
  Clock Tab
  Countdown Timer (at
  Counting Down To
  Egg Timer
  Google (Just type in 'set timer')
  Marinara Timer (Productivity Timers)
  Oimo Animated Clock
  Remote-controlled Countdown Timer
  Split Flap Counter (at Super Teacher Tools)
  Split Flap Timer (at Super Teacher Tools)
  Time Is
  Time Me
  Timer and Stopwatch (at Room Recess)
  Timer Pop
  What Are You Looking Forward To?

Counting Tools
  Keep The Score
  Tally (at Toy Theater)
  Tally Counter

Noise Level Meters
  Bouncy Balls
  Calm Counter
  Classroom Noise'O'Meter (Made with Scratch)

Behaviour Management Tools
  Class Charts (Sign Up Required)
  Class Dojo (Sign Up Required)
  Class 123 (Sign up Required)
  Marble Jar (at Toy Theater)

Avatar Makers
  Avatar Maker

Tool Collections
  Classroom Screen

      Also available for iPad
      Also available for Android Tablets


Classroom Ambience Tools
  Ambient Chaos
  Ambient Mixer (Find, Mix and Create Ambient Sounds) (Free online sound machine)
  Asmrion (Create an ASMR experience)
  AtmosHere (at Virtual
  Cities And Memory
  Coffitivity (Ambience Tool)
  Defonic (Immersive Soundscapes)
  The Dungeon (at Tabletop Audio) (formerly 'Nature Sound Map')
  Hipster Sound (Ambience Tool)
  Mix Kit (Free Ambience Sound Effects)
  My Noise
  Nature Sound Map (now '')
  Noises Online
  Noisli (Ambience Tool)
  Rainforest Sounds
  Rainy Mood
  A Soft Murmur (Ambience Tool)
  Soundscapes (at British Library)
  Strofe (Create and Mix Mood Music)
  Tabletop Audio
  Whitney Music Box

Classroom Sound Effects
  Audience Soundboard (at
  Classroom Soundboard (at ESL Kids Games)
  Teacher Soundboard

Transition Activities / Brain Breaks
  Funky Fruit Exercise Picker (at Irish Heart Foundation)
  Go Noodle (Get Kids Moving)
  Go Noodle YouTube Channel
  Move To Learn (YouTube Channel)
  Rainn agus Amhráin
  Rannta, Dánta agus Amhráin do Pháistí Óga

Class Feedback Tools
  Exit Poll - Interactive Whiteboard Polling Tool

Brainstorming / Mind-Mapping Tools - Brainstorming Tool
  Mind Maps
  Mind Mup

Updated 2 March 2024