Online Geography Resources


Useful Geography Websites
  Animals At Risk From Climate Change
  Bash The Trash
  BBC Geography Resources
  Beneath The Blue (Dive into the Dazzling Ocean)
  Carbon Calculator
  Chinese Horoscopes (at Nat.Geog.Kids)
  Climate Action Tracker (Offending Countries)
  Climate Change Graphics and Multimedia (at NASA)
  Climate Change Visualisations
  Climate Hot Map (Global Warming Effects Around The World)
  Climate Kids (at NASA)
  Climate Time Machine (at NASA)
  Cool Antarctica
  Discovering Antarctica
  Discover Water - The Role of Water in Our Lives
  Dollar Street (Real Families around the World)
  Earthquakes For Kids (USGS)
  Earth: Visualisation of Global Weather
  Eco Detectives (at Ask About Ireland)
  Encyclopedic Entries (Science & Geography)
  From Cloud To Glass (The Journey of Water)
  Global Closet Calculator (at Nat. Geographic)
  How To Read A Weather Map (at
  Kids Do Ecology
  Kids for Saving Earth
  Kids World Travel Guide
  Measuring The Weather - A Timeline
  Meteo Earth (Real Time Interactive Weather Globe)
  National Geographic Kids
  Native American Culture
  Ocean Literacy (at How To Smile)
  Planetpals Earthzone
  Recycle City
  Recycling with Recyclops
  Refugee Republic
  River Venture (Interactive River)
  3D Geography
  Thought Co. Geography Resources
  Treasures of the World
  Trey's Green Life
  Vanishing: The Extinction Crisis (a CNN interactive)
  Volcano World
  What is Water? (at BBC Newsround)
  What's it like where you live?
  World of 8 Billion
  Young People's Trust for the Environment

Sites for Trachers
  BBC Teach - Geography (Ages 5-7)
  BBC Teach - Geography (Ages 7-11)
  Energy in Education

  Ancient Earth Interctive Globe
  ArcGIS Living Atlas Of The World
  Beautiful Maps
  Comparea (Country Size Comparisons)
  Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service (formerly Nature Sound Map)
  Earth Viewer
  Free Map Tools
  Gea Cron (Country Borders since 3000BC)
  Genealogy Map of Irish Surnames
  Geopedia (Map/Wikipedia Mashup)
  GE Teach (Google Maps Teaching Resource)
  Global Elevation
  The Globe Of Extremes
  Good Country Map
  Google Maps
  Google Maps Distance Calculator
  Google Treks
  Heritage Maps
  Historic Maps
  History Pin
  How Far Is It Between?
  If It Were My Home (Country Comparisons)
  Instant Google Street View
  King's Topographical Collection 1500-1824 (on Flickr)
  LandSat Explorer
  Langscape - Interactive Language Map
  Latitude and Longitude
  Lines Chrome Experiment
  Local Lingual - Language and Dialect Map
  The Map As History (Animated History Maps)
  Map Crunch (Explore Google Street Views)
  Map Fight (Compare Country Sizes)
  Map Hill (World's Largest Map Gallery)
  Map Quest
  Maps Etc (Historic Maps Collection)
  Map Stack - Convert map to image (US only)
  Maps That Changed Our World (Lib. of Congress)
  Musical Explorers Around the World (Map)
  Native Land (Indigenous People of the World)
  Nature Sound Map (now
  Nearby Wiki (Location-based Information)
  Old Maps Online
  Open Street Map
  Owl & Mouse Megamaps (Printable Maps from 30-200cm)
  Owl & Mouse - Online Interactive maps
  Printable World Map (614 different maps)
  Projection Wizard (Learn about map projections)
  River Runner (Follow a drop of water to the sea)
  Scoilnet Maps
  Time Maps
  The True Size (Country Comparison)
  True Size of Countries
  Tunnel To The Other Side Of The Earth
  World Atlas
  World Cover Viewer
  World Mapper (Archived Version)
  World Mapper (New Version)
  World Religions Map (at PBS Learning Media)

Map Making Tools
  Ethermap (Map Creation, Sharing & Collaboration Tool)
  Felt (Map Creation Tool)
  Gmap GIS (Draw on Google Maps)
  Google Maps (Log in to make maps)
  Google Maps Engine Lite
  Google My Maps (Personalised Maps)
  Gribrouillon (Draw on Maps)
  Lightning Maps (Map Maker)
  Live Gap Charts (Simple Graph Maker)
  Live Gap Icon Matrix Chart Templates
  Mapbox Studio - Create Customised Maps (Free, but signup reqd.)
  Map Fab (Custom Map Maker)
  Map Fling (Create and Share Customised Maps)
  Map Hub (Create Customised Maps)
  Map Maker Interactive (at National Geographic)
  Mission Map Quest (at Classtools) (Map your journey)
  Padlet (Choose 'Map' Format)
  Scoilnet Maps
  Scribble Maps
  Step Map (Map Creation Tools)
  Story Map JS (at Knight Lab)
  Zee Maps

Games and Activities
  Above The Clouds
  Aquation: The Freshwater Access Game
  BBC Map Skills
  Border Guesser (at Tiny App Thingy)
  Capital Toss (at ABCYa!)
  City-Guesser (Map Game)
  City Guesser (at Virtual Vacation)
  Climate Time Machine
  Counties of Ireland Quiz (at World Geography Games)
  Countries of Europe (at Purpose Games)
  Country Guesser (at Tiny App Thingy)
  Europe Puzzles (at Toporopa)
  The EU - What's It All About?
  Every Last Drop (Water Conservation)
  Fun With Clouds (at
  Game On World (Teacher-led Game)
  Geo Guessr
  Geo Quiz (at Tiny App Thingy)
  Geo Quiz Live
  Global Closet Calculator (at National Geographic)
  The Globe of Extremes
  Globle (Guess the Mystery Country)
  Irish Counties Map Quiz
  Map Quiz (at Map Box)
  The Mind-Blowing World Map Quiz (at BBC Bitesize)
  Project Honduras (at Trócaire)
  Quizzity (Locate World Cities)
  Recycle City Challenge
  Recycle Roundup (at National Geographic Kids)
  Seterra (Map Quizzes)
  Sheppard Software Geography Games
  Stateris Map Games
  A Tale Of Two Soup Cans (at PBS Kids)
  Tip Tank (at Water - Use It Wisely)
  Weather Lab (at Smithsonian)
  Where is that? (at Funbrain)
  Worldle (Country Recognition Game by Shape)

Game and Activity Collections
  ABCYa Social Studies Games
  City Quiz
  Climate Kids (Climate Change Games at Nasa)
  Crazy Games Geography Games Collection
  Geography Games (at
  Geography Games (at Purpose Games)
  Geography Games (at Sheppard Software)
  Koiwiki (Ecology Games for Smart Kids)
  Lizard Point Map Quizzes
  Map Puzzle (Map Jigsaws)
  Mapzone Games (At Ordnance Survey UK)
  National Geographic Kids Games
  Padlet (Choose 'Map' Format)
  Planet Arcade (at NOAA)
  Toporopa Geography Games
  Turtle Diary Geography Games
  Water - Use It Wisely (Games and Links)
  World Geography Games

Scoilnet Resource Finder
  Scoilnet (Resource Finder)

Ireland Facts and Statistics
  Ask About Ireland
  Irish Air Quality Monitoring Stations
  Irish Flag (a Scoilnet site)
  Logainm - Placenames Database of Ireland

World Facts and Statistics
  Aneki World Statistics
  Atlas of Plucked Instruments
  BBC Quick Fix (Essential Phrases in 40 Languages)
  Blank Flags of the World
  C.I.A. World Factbook
  City Population (Population Statistics)
  City Data (U.S. City Stats)
  Country Flags Of The World
  Country Guide To Culture, Customs and Etiquette
  Country Reports
  Flag Finder
  Flag ID (Flag Identifier)
  Flag Pictures
  Flags of the World
  Gap Minder
  If It Were My Home (Country Comparisons)
  Internet World Stats
  Knoema Atlas
  Rank Country
  Top 10 Cities
  World Flags Database
  World Population Review
  World Population Trends
  The World's Tallest Buildings (at Emporis)

Visual Presentation of Statistics
  Bouncy Maps (formerly Show World)
  Charts Bin
  KML Factbook
  Population Pyramid.Net
  3D Interactive Earth Globe
  Weather Spark
  World Mapper (Archive Site)
  World Mapper (New Site)

Interesting Global Collections
  Carmen's World Orchestra (at PBS Kids)
  Colours in Culture
  Dollar Street (Real Life Global Comparisons)
  Global Storybooks
  Google Cultural Institute
  Mama Lisa's World of International Songs
  Monumental Trees (Old and Big Trees)
  Radio Garden (Worldwide Radio Stations)
  Radiooooo (World Music Time Machine)
  Skyscraper Page
  Sound Infusion (World Music Tool)
  Today's Front Pages
  World of Tales
  World Stories

  Earth Calendar
  Here Is Today
  Qlock (Interactive World Time-Zone Map)
  Time and
  Time Converter (at Tiny App Thingy)
  Time is (Exact Time)
  The Time Now
  What Week
  World Time Buddy

            Also available for iPad
      Also available for Android Tablets


Photos of Planet Earth and Beyond
  Baby Animalz
  Climate Change Pictures (at 3D Geography)
  Climate Visuals
  Digital Images of the Sky
  Earth Science World Image Bank
  GRIN - Great Images in NASA (on Flickr)
  Life (Your World in Pictures)
  National Geographic Photgraphy
  NOAA Photo Library
  Outdoor Photos - Landscapes
  Photo Ark (Photos of Endangered Species)
  Satellite Observations of Arctic Change (from Nasa)
  Space Radar Images of Earth
  USGS Hawaiian Volcano Gallery
  Window Swap (Window Views from Around the World)
  World Images Kiosk (at Calif. St. Univ.)
  The World's Oldest Trees (Photos of Beth Moon)
  Zooborns (Newborn Zoo Animals)

  Google World Wonders Project
  The Shard in London - View from the Top
  Stellarium (Online Planetarium)
  360 Cities
  World Heritage Tour

Virtual Tours
  Áras an Uachtaráin
  Capturing Everest VR
  City Walks
  Cliffs of Moher
  Drive & Listen (150+ Virtual Tours from around the World)
  The Louvre
  Mount Everest 3D
  St. Peter's Basilica
  10 Virtual Tours of World's Most Famous Landmarks
  Vatican Online Museums
  Virtual Walking Tour (at Virtual Vacation)
  Virtual Yosemite
  Walk The Great Wall (at Google Arts & Culture)

Live Webcams
  Earthcam (Webcams around the World) (Live Nature Webcams)
  International Space Station Live Video Feed
  Live Animal Cams (YouTube Playlist)
  Live CCTV Webcams Around The World (YouTube Playlist)
  Mpala Live (African Webcam)
  Window Swap (Window Webcams around the World)

  Documentary Tube
  Eruptions, Earthquakes and Emissions Timelapse
  Google Video Search
  Google Earth Timelapse
  National Geographic 101 (You Tube Channel)
  Top Documentary Films
  Travel Film Archive
  Universal Newsreels
  US National Archives YouTube Channel
  View Change (World Development Videos)
  Volcano Video
  Watch Know Learn
  YouTube Teachers Channel

Assorted Multimedia
  Teachers Domain
  USGS Videos Gallery

  GBIF Soundscape
  Rainforest Sounds
  Sound Infusion (World Music Tool)

Development Education (Teachers)
  Amnesty International Primary Education Resources
  Bóthar (Schools page)
  Bread for the World
  Christian Aid
  Concern (Education page)
  Fairtrade Foundation
  Financial Justice Ireland
  Galway One World Centre
  Global Education
  Global Goals 2030 (at One
  Global Issues That Effect Everyone
  Global Teacher Project
  Human Rights Internet
  Irish Aid Development Education
  LASC (Latin America Solidarity Centre) Resources for Teachers
  Oxfam Education Resources
  Trócaire Education Resources

Updated: 12 February 2024