A pond is a body of water. There are many different kinds of ponds.

Some can be small and some can be very large.

The sun can warm up the pond top to bottom, so roots and plants can grow.

Items on the surface like lily pads make shade to cool off.

Ponds are full of both animals and plants.

Some animals live in the water, like fish and tadpoles.

Some live above the water, like ducks and insects.

Others live in the area surrounding the pond like raccoons and earthworms.


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Ponds Fish Dragonflies Beetles Frogs Ducks Snails

Some more ponds.

Pond 1

Pond 2

Pond 3

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The best time of year to build a pond is in November. This gives the pond time to settle down before the spring. A pond must have a depth of at least two feet. This is because fish need a place to escape from the ice in winter and the heat in the summer. A pond must have an area that slopes gradually at least on one side. This gives animals such as hedgehogs a chance to climb out if they fall in.

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How to make a Pond